Negotiations lessons from COP21

Getting 195 countries to agree on reducing carbon emission when a lot of them are reluctant, this in final round of negotiations of 2 weeks, is an achievements that leading management consultancy would be very proud of to say the least. The agreement has indeed been hailed as the world’s best diplomatic success. How was […]

Rewind a few years back. I am preparing for the PMP exam and a significant part of the preparation is to understand in fine details the PMBOK, Project Management Body of Knowledge. This is a process based body of knowledge, containing over 40 processes linked to each others through artefacts and using tools and techniques. […]

The Project Manager Role Is Being Broken Up

The growth of scaled agile is breaking up the project manager role and the parts are being distributed between other roles, essentially driving out the need for a project manager on most projects. Have a look at Enterprise SAFE’s glossary, there is no mention of the “Project” word, “Program” is however largely represented. SAFE talks […]

Push And Pull

In medium to large organisations the pipeline for new projects is often wide and business owners battle amongst themselves to grab budget and ensure priority calls go their way. Resources are finite. Budgets are not unlimited and resources cannot always be scaled up to accelerate work products creation (in software development projects at least – […]